A more economical and ecologically sustainable way to decorate on floors

Unlike printing on sticky PVC wrap and expensive labor of installation, and hiring expensive hand-painted arts to directly graffiti on the ground. TFP can directly print in full color on cement roads, brick roads, asphalt roads, metal panels and other materials. TFP uses environmentally friendly UV inks, which can restore the colors and details of pictures with high quality.

3D floor painting machine is printing on tiles at our office

Direct digital industrial printing on horizontal floor surfaces.

The Floor Printer (“TFP”) is a unique full color digital printing system specifically designed to digital paint any graphics onto floor surfaces. TFP employs UV technology to print on multiple material floors including Wood floor, cement, ceramic tile, asphalt road, brick, lime,Epoxy resin etc.With the help of tracing system, the TFP can print on curved and uneven brick surfaces.

Printing on uneven surface

In order to ensure print quality, The Floor Printer has installed two high-precision sensors that can automatically sense the distance between the print head and the ground. Even on uneven floors, the print head will automatically shrink (up to 120mm) to maintain the best distance from the floor to ensure the best print quality.

3D floor painting machine is printing on tiles at street
floor printer is painting on the 3D floor painting machine is printing on the Gypsum board

Applying on Various Substrates

The Floor Printer adopts LED UV printing technology, which can print on various materials. Such as: wooden floor, ceramic tile, brick pavement, plastic, cement, plastic, ceramics and so on. You only need to place it on the ground, set the parameters, and TFP will automatically print out the image you need.

Image Stitching

In order to break through the limitation of mechanical size and print out wide-format pictures, we have developed an image stitching program. Combined with laser positioning, you can stitch your images infinitely on the horizontal plane and expand your imagination. Because TFP can print infinitely on the vertical plane, so with the image stitching technology, you will not haveto worry about the format of the picture printing.

parking spot painting

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