These questions may you be concern about for the 3D floor printing machine. If you still have more questions we didn’t list below, feel free to contact us.

What kinds of floors I can print on with TFP floor printer?

TFP floor printer can print on Wood floor, cement, ceramic tile, asphalt road, brick, lime, Epoxy resin for packing lot etc…

What should I treat the substrates before and after printing?

You need to paint a layer of white epoxy sealer on rough surfaces such as cement and asphalt to increase the adhesion of the ink. Before printing on ceramic tiles, acrylic, plastic and other materials, a special coating needs to be sprayed in advance. Or after printing, a layer of epoxy clear varnish must be applied to increase the firmness of the image. On parking spaces with epoxy primer, TFP can be printed directly, and a layer of varnish can be applied after printing.

Our engineers will give you more comprehensive guidance.

What type of ink does the 3D floor printer use, is that a common ink? Where can I buy it?

The Floor printer uses the special ink. You can order ink from us, we can ship it by FedEx to your place. We can also recommend you some alternative ink which you can purchase in your local.

What the other comsumables does the floor printer need other than the ink?

You need to replace the printhead and the damper, they are the regular consumables for the floor printer. We will put some other spare parts for the printer in your initial order.

What is the maximum size of the graphic can I print with the floor printer?

TFP2.3 model can print the graphic with 2.3 meters wide, no limited to the length. With the stitching program function, you can connect two parts of your graphic to get a larger format in width which will beyond the standard size.

What is the printing speed?

Based on size of W: 1.5m * L : 3.0m, one printhead model @ 1440Dpi: 1.8 hours (2.5m2/h)

What kind of image I can print?

You can print the image with JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF format.

What kind of software does the floor printer use for printing and operating?

The operation software is developed by us. The RIP software is MainTop(Made in China).

Optional RIP software: FlexiPrint RIP (PhotoPrint, Made in USA).

How long can the image last indoors and outdoors?

We use the very good quality ink to keep the ink indoors for at leat 8 years not fading, and 2~3 years outdoors not fading.

Can the image be resistant scratch? And waterproof?

Yes, after painting the epoxy clear varnish, the image on the ground can be scratch resistance. We tested it on the parking lot with tires to Rolling it, that would be no problem.

The image is waterproof when it is finished printing.

Can I transport the floor printer easily?

The longest part is 1.5 meters. 5-6 parts totally. The total weight is 130kg. You can carry them part by part.

Do I need to prepare a traveller battery?

For outdoor printing, we highly recommend you to prepare a traveller battery with the power of at least 180 Ah which can support the printer 4 hours working time.

What is the consumption of ink?

Without printing the white ink: 20ml/m2; With printing the white ink: 40m2/m2

Can the ink resist UV outdoor?

Yes, the UV ink can resist UV light outdoors.

Can I get trained after getting the floor printer?

We have Excellent engineer team who will train you online through video call after you got your printer.

How Can I get technical support when I have some issues with the floor printer?

You can contact your engineer through WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, or Email. They will reply you in a very short time.

How can I order the spare parts?

You can contact your sale manager through Email to order the spare parts. You will have the invoice to pay including shipping cost by FedEx.

How can I place an order?

Please contact us via Email, our sales manager will contact you to confirm the specifications with you. We can arrange the shipment for you.