How To Print on A Senior Parking Space by The 3D Floor Printer Machine

parking spot painting

The parking spot printer can print out any images directly on the floor. Compared with the hand-drawn image, the machine printing effect is more realistic, more efficient, and longer keeping time.

The hand-drawn Kobe on the parking spot has been fading and the paint has been fall off.

The graphic printed with UV ink shines and can last for several years. And also has good abrasion resistance.

What Kind of Paint Does The Parking Lot Painting Machine Use?

It uses ink, not the paint. The ink is special for the printhead, which is UV curable ink. You can purchase it in your local.

What Can I Paint on the Parking Space with The Parking Spot Printer?

You can paint any graphics on the parking spot with such format: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF.

How To Clean The Painted Parking Spot?

You can directly use a mop or other cleaning tools to clean up the dust on the surface of the image. Because after the image is printed, we need to paint a layer of oily varnish on the surface of the image to keep the image bright and increase wear resistance.

How To Paint Numbers on The Parking Space?

The floor printer can print any images on the floor, you just need to load the image of the numbers you want to print to the computer, and the printer will print them out on the floor.

How Do You Remove The Painting From The Parking Spot?

Since the printed image has very good abrasion resistance, you must make destructive experiments. You can use a spatula to remove it. In addition, you can repaint the image with white paint to cover it.

What is The Process of Using The Parking Spot Printer?

Check this video. We painted the Iron Man on the parking spot, and you can see the all process of painting.

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