How to Print 3D Epoxy Floor?

3D floor painting machine is printing on the epoxy panel

The 3D epoxy floor printer can directly print on the epoxy floors. No need to treat any primer in advance, it can apply any image on the epoxy floor with few hours.

How the 3D epoxy floor printer works.

How Can The Image Last on The Epoxy Floor?

After applying the resin, or other oil-based coatings, the image can be kept on the epoxy floor for at least 8 years. The Coating will protect the image and increase scratch resistance.

How Much Does it Cost for One Square Meter Prints on The Epoxy Floor?

The 3D Epoxy Floor Printer consumes 20 ml CMYK ink and 20ml White ink for one square meter. So the cost depends on the ink price.

The floor printer can also print on any substrates, like tile floor, wood floor, brick floor, etc… For more information, please check the FAQs page.

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