What is The 3D Floor Printer And How Does It Work?

3D floor painting machine is printing on tiles at our office

The 3D floor painting robot is an inkjet printer that can print directly on the floor. It is provided by Cyan, Magenta Yellow, Black and White 5 kinds of UV curable inks as the base color, and then spray mixed ink directly on the floor surface by inkjet printhead.

The inkjet printer adopts UV printing technology, which can theoretically print directly on multiple materials, such as the wood floor, tile floor, epoxy floor, brick surface, cement floor, lime floor, etc.

What Is The Difference Between the 3D floor printer And the Flatbed Printer?

3D floor printers use the same UV inkjet printing technology as flatbed inkjet printers and can print on many materials.

The material printed by the flatbed inkjet printer needs to be assembled at the delivery site, while the floor printer can directly print the material on site.

For materials that cannot be moved, floor printers have advantages. Such as epoxy car parking spaces, concrete pavements on the street, and so on.

Is The Image Printed by The Floor Printer Easy To Be Removed?

The image printed on the floor needs to be abrasion resistant. Because people will walk on the image, the wheels will also press on the image.

In addition, if the image is printed outdoors, it has to withstand the test of natural weather such as rain washing and UV light irradiation. Therefore, we need to pre-process and post-process the material.

In the pretreatment process, we will use coating paint to increase the adhesion of the ink. In the post-processing process, we will use light paint to increase the brightness of the image, and improve the wear resistance of the image, and can also isolate the outside rain.

How Long Can The Image Stay Without Fading?

UV ink can be kept indoors for 8 years without fading. However, the UV light will shorten the gloss time of the ink outdoors. Usually, after two years, the image starts to fade gradually.

How Does The 3D Ground Printer Work?

A brief description of the working method of the ground printer is: The professional RIP software converts your imported pictures into machine code, the printer nozzle ejects CMYKW5 inks, and different inks are mixed on each Dot to form the color needed by the image, and then UV lamp cure it dired.

From the structural point of view, the ground printer is a wheeled structure with unlimited expansion capabilities in the vertical direction. In the horizontal direction, only a fixed width can be printed at a time. If you need to increase the width, you need to extend the horizontal guide. Or use the splicing function to expand the horizontal format.

The printer nozzle is equipped with 2 sensors, which can automatically sense the distance between the nozzle and the ground, so that the nozzle can maintain the best printing distance from the ground, and it can also prevent the nozzle from hitting the ground due to uneven ground.

The length of the guide rail is 2.7 meters, and the printable width is 2.3 meters. In order to facilitate the transportation of the guide rail, we cut it into two sections, 1.4 meters and 1.3 meters respectively. We can also provide a 1-meter extension rod to obtain a print width of 3.3 meters.

We use the FlexiPrint RIP software of SAi Company, which can restore the details of the image, making the printed image more professional and clear. And supports 11 languages.

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